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Just what is the Geek Week ll – System Center 2012 R2?

If you have taken any regular Microsoft 5 day trainings in the past, on System Center or any other product, you may think that The Geek Week is just a fancy name for same old. But let me explain why this is not.

First and foremost, it’s a geeky thing. The purpose of the class is not to get you pass any exam or such (although it can surely help you getting there) but to take you on a journey as to how things actually work and how they come together in real life. Johan & Mike (both Microsoft MVP’s with decades of experience from the field) are not reading out from a manual what and how to do, but discuss why and explains how it all comes together. This as well as what the ramifications are if you do things different. They don’t shy away from any tricky questions hence much more than what is in the actual manual gets covered. A lot of the extras gets delivered in the hotel bar or restaurant. That’s why we include five nights hotel. We all, attendees and instructors, stay at the Hyatt House in Redmond.

The training is run on Microsoft campus and for you not have to worry about renting a car and get caught up in the (sometime messy) traffic, we take care of the transportation from the hotel to Microsoft and back each day. Johan & Mike will take you for lunch at the nearby Microsoft campus cafeteria, and as breakfast is included in the hotel, you would only have to worry about dinner. In nearby Redmond town center, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. We will set off time for a visit to the Microsoft visitor center and company store for those that have interest. The Deployment Geek Week only run twice a year, February and July.

Read the course outline and details here.!lab=Geek_Week_ll_-_System_Center_2012_R2 

This is what attendees say:

“Having real world, and renowned experts going through the materials is an immense benefit.
The material is covered at a very rapid pace. Other courses I have taken focus on details that aren’t relevant. Instructors generally don’t have the depth of knowledge for such a variety of products either. These two have answers to almost any question and are willing to research an answer they don’t know. There simply isn’t enough time in this week to cover some of the items in more depth. I’ll have to look for TrueSec to offer in depth courses on those items!”

“I learnt much more with labs of 1 Day then going to Microsoft 5 day course”

“With Mike and Johan you get all the ins and outs with all questions answered as well as being able to actually pose questions to the developers of these products that is a unique benefit to being at Microsoft as part of the training.”

“This has been the best week of my life and I will remember it for the rest of my life, but at the same time I feel sad to leave you all, you have become my friends”

“The instructors’ knowledge and real world experience was surpassed only by their graciousness. Being instructed on the Microsoft campus was like being at the Geek Vatican. Brother Johan and Archangel Mikael led us in seminary (and sometimes prayer) as we were absolved of our syntax. I feel very lucky to have been a part of something this special. Thank you all for making this happen”

Check for location and dates here:!lab=Geek_Week_II_System_Center_2012!lab=Geek_Week_ll_-_System_Center_2012_R2


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