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Here are my sessions I will do or have already done

Session Abstract Date/Time Downloads
Deploying Windows to Go in real life Creating a Windows To Go drive is pretty straight forward, but will it really work in your organization. In this session we will go through how to make the needed customization so that when the end user plugs it in a computer it will be domain joined, customized to fit the org, including applications and ready to be used. 2012 –01-25
Developing Hydration Kits – IT Pro Automation at its best! Join Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nyström, two of the world’s foremost deployment experts in a dazzling session on developing hydration kits, solutions to automate the installation of your entire environment, from a single press of a button. And yes, we are talking about setting up several different machines with images and then installing AD, joining machines to AD then AD is up, DHCP, IIS, SQL, WSUS, and System Center 2012 etc. Basically we are getting everything up and running while we play on the Xbox. Oh, did you want that lab with Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and SQL Server 2012? Not a problem, do you want extra fries with that order? 2012 –01-24
Hyper-V in Windows 8 Windows 8 has finally got a Hyper-Visor and in this session you will learn how you can use it, how it works and all the features and functions that the client Hyper-v have. 2012 –01-24


5 Responses to “NICCONF”

  1. Jouni J said

    Can we have your Powershell script for creating Windows to Go stick…please?

  2. Great presentation Mikael on the WTG. Have you released the Powershell scripts yet?

  3. Still no WTG scripts? =)

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