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I like flying Swiss

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on May 10, 2011

It just “happens” from time to time that I travel, pretty often to be honest (I don’t have many pages left for “Homeland Security” to use anymore). Right now I’m on flight LX1250 from Zurich to Stockholm. I’m on my way home from a customer engagement in the US, I’ll guess you know the feeling, tired, have not slept very well, have not seen the loved ones for a while

I did not think this flight would be any different than others, but I was somewhat wrong. It happens that for some reason that flight LX1250 has the best crew in the Swiss fleet. They are extremely nice and try really hard to make you feel comfortable and trust me, that I do. I mean, check this out

I was sleeping so I missed the food (and I rarely ever eat the food either), but as soon as I woke up, the flight attended was directly at my seat and asked – Would you like some lunch Sir?, I mean just the “sir” thing makes you feel good. Anyway, she gave me the food and todays lunch was some kind of risotto and I’m really a risotto guy so I asked if there was something else and she asked if meatballs was my preferred choice. Hell yes, that I do like. It took less then 3 minutes and then she was standing next to me once more, apologizing for the risotto and then she replaced and she said –Enjoy the lunch, sir (there is the Sir again)

Now, this might not be that fantastic when reading it, but she is doing it in a way that that I feel very, very good. I have noticed when she helps the other passengers and she does the same thing for them to, always smiling and always very professional.

I hope that she some that will be responsible for training all new crew member that works in the Swiss fleet. since it’s all about making the customer happy

I’m a very pleased and happy customer.

Thank you Swiss for letting me fly with you. I appreciate your business.

/mike – Passenger on flight LX1250 from Zurich to Stockholm in seat 1C

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I’m still a Geek

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on March 28, 2011

That means that now have a Laptop with dual monitors, 2 x 256 SSD, 8 cores I7 and 16 GB of ram, if my demos runs slow I cant really blame the hardware…

I have updated my laptop, it “was” a HP 8540w I7 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 SSD Drive from the start. No I have added things:

No 1: Since I only use the DVD for, hmm, lets see I have never used the CD/DVD in my Laptop to be honest. Any way, I replaced it with a drive bay instead. I got it last week at MMS 2011 in Las Vegas, took 2 days to get it directly to the hotel (Thank you FedEx) and I bought it online from: The installation needed a screw driver and luckily I was given one the day before from Jeremy Chapman at his session on Office Deployment (thank you). In that bay I added another 256 SSD drive, so now I have 2 x 256 SSD’s in my 8540w that by the way runs Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 as a Hyper-V host


No 2: Also needed more memory, so thanks to and I found some nice memory I opened the machine but found only one open slot for memory, but since my friend Johan Arwidmark told me that there will be one other slot under the keyboard it was Easley fixed, took like 2 minutes, so now I have 16 GB of RAM

No 3: I also need a extra portable screen, and so asking around I found one of course. It is from It has touch, can be fitted in cars, desktops, cases and so on. Looks like this when I’m preparing for tomorrows “demos”




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How to make a tablet PC

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on July 7, 2009

A while back we had a Windows 7 Summit here in Sweden and our CEO had an idea “Why cant we make some nice and funny videos?”

First, we are NOT in any way actors, but on the other hand how hard could it be to record a short movie… :-)

So here is one of them…. (Do NOT try this and if you do dont blame us for having a “somewhat” broken laptop")

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