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Mikael_Nystrom_225x225px1Mikael Nystrom is a Microsoft MVP and Senior Executive Consultant at TrueSec, with an extremely broad field of competence. He has worked with all kinds of infrastructure tasks, in all kinds of environments, enterprise to small business. He is currently building Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions based on HCI, Azure, Azure Stack, System Center and Windows Azure Pack as well as building deployment solutions for clients OS and Server OS. Mikael is a very popular instructor and is often used by Microsoft for partner trainings as well as to speak at major conferences such as Ignite, MMS, Techmentor, IT/Devconnections etc. Lately Mikael has been deeply engaged in the development of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 as part of TAP programs.


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  1. Hey…I’m leaving this here because I don’t see an email address anywhere. I was at your Tuning Images for VDI session at TechEd 2013 in New Orleans. I know you probably mentioned this at some point, but what would you suggest to use for page files on VDI machines? I see conflicting ideas from “the Google”. I’m thinking I should make it minimal, since disk IOPs are way slower than RAM and more detrimental to the performance of the whole cluster, but I’m also not going to want a rogue, memory leaking app to chew up all the physical RAM in the host.

    Obviously, I can oversubscribe the hell out of the RAM on the host if I want, and let VMware/HyperV manage the actual usage on it’s own. Bubbles or whatever. It’s kind of scary to oversubscribe the host with desktop machines, though, since I don’t trust users. :)

    If you have time, please gimme some thoughts on this! If not, thanks for the great session last summer anyway!

  2. Mikael, very EMIE nice post. I have a question on your IE Enterprise Mode article… You wrote.. “Enable: Use the Enterprise IE website list (this XML file will be read by IE, stored locally and used as a global list for all URL’s that needs to run in Enterprise mode” I am interested in learning where the Sites List is “stored locally ” in the system, be a file or registry key.. Could you share this information with as much detail as possible please.

  3. Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing all the knowledge. I had the privilege to attend one of your invaluable classes and it was memorable and great experience.

  4. I am working on importing drivers back into my new SCCM environment. I am using PowerShell to do this still learning a lot of the process of PowerShell, I am not having problem importing the driver, what I am trying to accomplish during the import is to apply multiple administrative category’s. Do you have any insight on how I can accomplish this?

  5. Hello, I use to watch you and Johan in Microsoft Academy but I can’t seem to find those video’s any more. I might be starting a project which will require building an image which will be deployed to Surface Pro. How do you check the quality of your image? Is there a Quality Check sequence for MDT? Might need some help, since it’s been a few years working with MDS and MDT. Thanks in advance

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