Event – TechX Azure–(Sweden)

Theese are my sessions at TechX Azure in Sweden. The full Agenda is here and here is how you sign up for it



Building Hybrid Solutions – The reasons why you should

Hybrid cloud could be something you have longed for without knowing it. So, what does define the needs?  What will it give you? Why should you always build it? This session will cover the benefits and the basic design needed to make this work. You will learn in what scenarios this is a great solution and in what scenarios this is just an “ok” solution.

Speaker(S) : Mikael Nystrom and Markus Lassfolk

Level: 200

Download Windows Azure Pack and run your own Azure Solution

Azure is great, but what if you would like to have your own Azure, is that possible, YES!, it is, Windows Azure Pack is available for download and using WAP means that you can expose your internal infrastructure exactly as Azure works. In this session you will learn what is needed to make this work and the pitfalls that is to fall into. Note that this session is highly technical and consists mostly of demos.

Speaker(S) : Mikael Nystrom and Markus Lassfolk

Level: 300

Running a full implementation of Remote Desktop Services in Azure – How to?

Remote Desktop Services is in many situations a great solution, but is it possible to run that workload in Azure? Even if it is possible, how to deal with roaming profiles, synchronize data with your on premise datacenter, or should you? At first it seems like an easy setup, but after a while the questions starts coming. In this session you will learn how to set this up, to configure and what design considerations you must take to make it work the way you expect.

Speaker(S) : Mikael Nystrom and Markus Lassfolk

Level: 300

Using Azure as part of a Datacenter Disaster Recovery Scenario

Azure has a new services that has the ability to orchestrate a datacenter failover in the case of a disaster. This service will connect to multiple datacenter and if needed makes sure that all servers are started in the correct order. It uses the Hyper-V Replica feature and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 on the local sites and azure will be the head master and manage the recovery if needed, during this session you will learn how to configure it and how this service could be a real life saver.

Speaker : Mikael Nystrom

Level: 300

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