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Event – Mega Geek Week! 5 Days packed with hands-on labs and the industry’s best practice’s

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on December 9, 2016

This my friend is a very rare opportunity, it will most likely never happen again. We are running 3 different Geek Weeks at the same time, at the same location,

Datacenter Geek Week (Building a Datacenter or Private Cloud)

Identity Geek Week (Identity in the Windows platform)

OS Deployment Geek Week (Advanced Operating System Deployment)


During 5 full days, we will start on Sunday, run sessions every day, do quick session after regular training), we all stay at the same hotel, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together, it is a FULL week, the entire hotel is just for us, extremely shiny and cool

Read more and sign up for this very unique opportunity.



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Event in Stockholm – SMB Summit 2016 (3 Tracks) – In Swedish

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on December 8, 2016


Hej, så är det dags igen, Jag, Peter och Mattias kör en heldag på LabCenter med fokus på Small and Medium Business i nutid och framtid. Under dagen kommer vi att köra 3 olika spår (och du kan hoppa mellan dom som du vill), det blir: Windows Klient, Windows Server och Cloud. Bortsett från all teknik så blir det lite trevlig julmat och eventuellt kommer det att finnas en gran med julklappar. Läs mer här:



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Demo Scripts from the TrueSec Azure Event is here

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on April 12, 2016

Here is all the scripts that we used to build and demo Azure at Rival, Stockholm on the 4th of Mars 2016


for more info about the event :


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Demo Scripts from the WSUS.SE meeting 2016-02-16

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on February 26, 2016

Mattias Lehmus did a great session at the WSUS meeting 2016-02-16 and you can get them here:


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Demo Scripts from Microsoft TechX Azure in Stockholm 2016-02-16

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on February 26, 2016

Markus Lassfolk and I did a couple of sessions at the Microsoft TechX Azure day, Stockholm and here are the scripts:


Read more here:


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Demo Scripts from TrueSec Windows Server 2016 Event is here

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on February 26, 2016

Here is all the scripts that we used to build and demo Windows Server 2016 at Rival, Stockholm on the 10th of February 2016


for more info about the event :


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Speaking at – 2015-06-05

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on May 10, 2015

I’m proud to announcing that I will be one of the speakers at

My session is at 13:30 to 14:30 and will 100% focusing on Windows Server 2016 in the Modern Datacenter!

Session 4: “Windows Server vNext in the Modern Datacenter”

Windows Server has changed over the last few years, it has now become the main engine regarding Software Defined Compute, Storage and Network. In the demo intense session you will learn how to design, build and take advantage over the new features in Windows Server vNext.
(Speaker: Mikael Nystrom, MVP)


For more information


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Speaker at Windows Management User Group Netherlands (WMUG NL) on 2015-05-13

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on May 1, 2015

I’m proud to be invited to speak at WMUG in May. This time my session is all about Windows Server vNext. The Session will be in English, mostly because my Dutch is not really that good, in fact its horrible…


To sign up:


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My Sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on May 1, 2015

Banner for Ignite 2015

Hands-on Windows 10 Enterprise Deployment

Want to know how to prepare for Windows 10, or how to upgrade from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Windows 10? Maybe you want to know how to build, customize, and deploy your own Windows 10 image? In this pre-day session we explore all of those areas, with hands-on labs to ensure that you’ll be ready for Windows 10 in your organization.

Sunday, May 3rd  – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Troubleshooting Windows 10 Deployment: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Need help with troubleshooting Windows deployment issues? Johan and Mikael share lessons learned around handling device drivers in the deployment process, common deployment issues and their workarounds, parsing log files, WinPE and PXE troubleshooting, UEFI deployments. As a foundation, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager will be used. You can expect a lot of live demos, tips, and tricks in this session.

Wednesday, May 6th – 10:45 am to 12:00 pm

Expert-Level Windows 10 Deployment

Join us for a live demo on how to build a Windows deployment solution, based on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. In the session we are taking OS Deployment in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager to its outer limits. Deployment tips, tricks, and hard core debugging in a single session. You can expect a lot of live demos in this session.

Thursday, May 7 7th – 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm

Windows 10 Deployment: Ask the Experts

Still have questions about Windows deployment, even after all the other sessions this week? For this session, we gather as many experts as we can find for a roundtable Q&A session, with plenty of “official” and “real-world” answers for everyone, troubleshooting and implementation advice, and probably a fair number of opinions and “it depends” answers as well.

Thursday, May 7 7th – 3:15 pm to 10:15 pm

Book signing in the Bookstore

If you for any reason would like to have a book written by me signed, I’ll be there and I will happily sign it for you:

Wednesday, May 6th – 12:30 pm

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Event – CA Accelerate IT PRO Camp, Stockholm 10,22,23 of April 2014 – Windows Client deployment and then some…

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on April 7, 2014

(in Swedish)

LabCenter kommer tillsammans med Microsoft att genomföra en dags workshops kring Windows 8 och Windows 8.1 klienten med fokus på administration och utrullning I föreatags miljöer. Cirka halva dagaen är förläsningar och demonstrationer och den andra halvan är hands-on. av dom 3 event vi kör så är 2 fullbokade, men det finns ett tillfälle med cirka 10 platser kavr och det är där du kommer in!

Vi visar hur du kan gå från en tidigare version av Windows och Office till en mer modern miljö och kunna dra nytta av de senaste teknologierna kring säkerhet och mobilitet.

Under dagen går vi igenom grunderna i Windows 8/8.1 och Office 365 klientutrullning genom interaktiva presentationer, demos och hands-on laborationer.

  • Introduction to Windows 8.1, Office 365 ProPlus and Office 2013
  • Image Creation, Lite Touch/Zero-Touch Deployment
  • Strategies & Office 2013 Deployment
  • Windows to Go Creation and Deployment
  • Windows 8/8.1 Security
  • Application Delivery with App-V
  • User Personalization with UE-V

Datum att välja på:
Stockholm 10 april 2014 – Fullt!
Stockholm 22 april 2014

Stockholm 23 april 2014 – Fullt!
Plats: LabCenter, Oxtorgsgränd 2, 111 57 Stockholm
Längd: 1 dag (09.00-16.30)
Instruktör: Mikael Nyström
Workshopen är kostnadsfri.

Läsa mer och anmälan –

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