Event – Mega Geek Week! 5 Days packed with hands-on labs and the industry’s best practice’s

This my friend is a very rare opportunity, it will most likely never happen again. We are running 3 different Geek Weeks at the same time, at the same location,

Datacenter Geek Week (Building a Datacenter or Private Cloud)

Identity Geek Week (Identity in the Windows platform)

OS Deployment Geek Week (Advanced Operating System Deployment)


During 5 full days, we will start on Sunday, run sessions every day, do quick session after regular training), we all stay at the same hotel, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together, it is a FULL week, the entire hotel is just for us, extremely shiny and cool

Read more and sign up for this very unique opportunity. http://geekweek.labcenter.se/Event/Mega_Geek_Week_2017/



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    • Yes, Unless EVERYONE understand Swedish perfectly, we will run the training in ENGLISH. The student lab manuals, as well as the operating systems we use are already in US English. That said, since we already have at least one attendee signed up, it will be in English.

      Also: The training includes everything, except travel. We include hotel, breakfast, lunch, lab material, evening sessions and basically free consulting 24/7, since we all stay at the hotel.
      Have a question during Geek Week? Just knock on my door :-)

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