PowerShell is King – Simple resource Metering using PowerShell

This morning the Big Boss sent an email “There is something wrong, it’s slow, fix it.”

Yes, Sir, no problem Sir, absolutely Sir (you get the picture). Anyway, I know we could have problems, since we are moving around all VM’s to change basically everything from design to hardware, so I needed a fast way to find out on what server, what VM and why. The first thing that comes to mind is the most valuable thing you have in a virtualized platform and that is IOPS, so for a few servers that could be having issues I run this:


$ServerNames = "HOST01","HOST02","HOST03","HOST04"

foreach ($ServerName in $ServerNames)


Get-VM -ComputerName $ServerName -Verbose| Enable-VMResourceMetering -Verbose

Get-VM -ComputerName $ServerName | Measure-VM | select VMname,AggregatedAverageNormalizedIOPS,AggregatedAverageLatency,AggregatedDiskDataRead,AggregatedDiskDataWritten | ConvertTo-Html > "$ServerName.html" -Verbose




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