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Nice to Have – Ilo Connect

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on November 5, 2018

Ilo Connect.

Working in the lab, lots of HPE servers, yes I use ILO. However, using the ILO webpage is to slow, using the command line is to messy, and setting up the BIG HPE solution is out, no, let us spend one hour to create a PowerShell script that reads data from a XML file, present a button with connect, saves me lot’s of time. In the background it uses the stand alone ILo connect, that you need to download from HPE first. Here it is Ilo Connect.

Get it from GitHub –


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Nice to Know – Classroom Connect

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on November 5, 2018

The Classroom Connect tool.

Classroom Connect

Me and Mr. Johan Arwidmark was working on a class room solution. In such solution there is a reason to be able to connect, and there are few built in to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

Remote Desktop

Absolutely needed for poking around but does not solve all scenarios.

Remote Desktop using a shadow session

This is great, it connects to the host and then does a shadow session for the logged-on student

Remote Assistance

A nice feature, but it does require the end user accept a connection from the helper

Command line utility = Scriptable

All method above can be used with command line tools, and that gives us the ability to create some nice scripts, but to make it a bit finnier, lets do it as a UI in PowerShell. The only trick we had, was that a shadow copy is connected to a session, and since the built-in RDS PowerShell tools cannot be used, since we don’t have a “solution” deployed, we found a way to use qwinsta.exe and then filter the result to find the student name when it matches the machine name, and hey, we have the session ID and now we can connect using mstsc.exe using /shadow

So, after spending one hour on a Sunday evening at a hotel in Phoenix, here is Classroom Connect.

Get it from GitHub –


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Nice to Know–A simple and small SMTP Mailserver för Dev/Lab/Test (SMTP4DEV)

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on June 12, 2014

In the field, at hotel rooms, in VM environments, Demo setups and many other situations your are in the situation that something needs to be able to send an email and installing an Exchange Server at that time might be very wrong. So I have been using a really nice SMTP server that basically accepts anything, with any kind of settings and that has the ability to present all these mails in a single view. Extremely “handy” to have. Download it from

I use it to test OSD scripts, Orchestrator runbook jobs and things like that.


Snapshot of the UI

there are others to, but this one seems to be stable and fairly simple to use. Don’t forget to make sure that port 25 is open.


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