MAPS 4.0 is coming, be prepared


Maps stands for “Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit” and it has been around for a long time, nevertheless, there are still folks out there who do not know about this little Microsoft “Gem”. So what does it do you may ask?

Well, whenever you fell that you need to upgrade, migrate you would almost certain make sure that you know as much as you can before you begin, and here comes MAPS. MAPS does do inventory, performance testing for specific task and in the end it will give you an excel spreadsheet for you to read and and a very nice word document with carts for the people with the money to read. The last part is kind of boring but to get the funding you need you really want to make this project with support from management and they like fancy word document with charts, trust me…

So MAPS 4.0 has a couple of new things compared to the “old” 3.2:

  • Windows 7 Hardware and Device Compatibility Assessment
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Hardware and Device Compatibility Assessment
  • Virtualization Candidates Assessment for Hyper-V R2 Server Consolidation
  • Integration with the Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Calculator
  • Inventory of VMware Server Hosts and Guests
  • User Interface and Proposal Customization for Partner co-branding
  • Enhanced Usability and Improved Inventory Performance

Besides this it also handles the following scenarios like the old 3.2 could do:


  • Virtualization Candidates Assessment for Hyper-V Server Consolidation
  • Windows Vista Hardware and Device Compatibility Assessment
  • Windows Server 2008 Hardware and Device Compatibility Assessment
  • 2007 Microsoft Office Readiness Assessment
  • SQL Server Instance Discovery
  • Desktop Security Assessment for Anti-virus and Anti-malware Programs Installation
  • Forefront Client Security/NAP Readiness Assessment
  • Online Services (Exchange Online) Assessment
  • App-V Infrastructure Readiness Assessment
  • Power Savings “Green IT” Calculator – (This is kind of fun to run with the economy situations today, try it)


So this tool make sense to use both for Microsoft partners, consultants and for customers. It is a great way of getting into a “known” state so that we know what options we have to improve the solution.

Enough said, time to for action. That means that you have to download it and test it, also since it is still en BETA, you still have the chance to give feedback to the team that is behind this (Yes, they really would like to have your opinion, trust me)


Screenshot from the UI:


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