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Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner is released

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on July 7, 2009

When Microsoft first came out with EBS they where more or less “forced” to create a tool  that evaluate the customer environment before EBS was installed. That tool has been updated and are now called “Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner” You can download it from here

And YOU should, if you want to have an overview of your infrastructure this is a very god tool, it checks an massive amount of things, like 100 checks just for to verify Active Directory, but also DNS, Subnets, Network adapters, Exchange and so on.

After download, just install the tool into a computer joined into the domain you want to scan, let it run, check the report and “follow” the guidelines. If you have an all green sheet, just smile and lean back since you have a network in very god shape

It does NOT change anything in your network, but it will provide you with links to KB articles on how to fix your problems…


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