MDT 2010 – Things you should do – Part I

I have one problem (well there might be more than one problem, but that is beside the point here). Since I have been doing some OS deployment for the last 23 years or so, stuff that I do I take for granted, things that I know must be done, things that I normally never tell people about, I always assume that they know this.

Well, here is the truth, they do not… (some do, some don’t…) so here it is:

Fixing the “Final Reboot in a LiteTouch scenario

So the machine is done and ready to be used, but hey it has some summary screen here and it is logged on as the local admin, that means that I need to press ok and then reboot and then let the user logon…

We fix this by modifying customsettings.ini and by adding a reboot command in the end of the task sequence

First step.

Using Deployment Workbench, modify the Task Sequence that you would like to fix.

  • Add a Run Command Line
  • Type in this as the command
    • %systemroot%\system32\shutdown -r -t 20 –c “This box is done”


Second step.

Add the following to CustomSettings.ini


NOTE: Do not add the “Restart computer” to your task sequence, that will reboot the machine, but it will not end the sequence. That’s why we add a “Run a Command Line” task instead.

In MDT 2010 and above there is one other way of doing this you could set FinishAction=REBOOT in customsettings.ini, that way MDT will take care of it instead.

Have a nice Deployment day

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  1. Why don\’t you just specify:SkipFinalSummary=YESFinishAction=REBOOTThat way MDT will take care of the reboot for you and you don\’t need to add a command line to the task sequence.-Michael

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