MDT 2010 – Things you should know – Part II

I missed this one!, shame on me and all credits goes to P-O Axelsson and Bosse Törnqvist for letting me know (A beer sometime?)

Fixing the “Final Reboot in a LiteTouch scenario” Version II

This is the built in “Final reboot”, it does provide the basic need of rebooting. Using the “use shutdown in a TS” method gives you the option of adding a reason in the event log and to set the time before it reboots. This method just reboots (And that can be perfect in most scenarios)

Value Description
    • Shuts down the target computer.
    • Restarts the target computer.
    • Same as REBOOT.
    • Log off the current user. If the target computer is currently running Windows PE, then the target computer will be restarted.
  • blank
    • Exit the Windows Deployment Wizard without performing any additional actions. This is the default setting.

so if your customsettings.ini looks like this:



it will reboot after install

Have a nice Deployment day

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