Our Deployment Road show is coming to town

So folks, if you live in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg or Sundsvall. Johan and I will come to visit you next week. Johan and I have been talking about doing a road show for many years now, for many reasons it never happened until now (And only “hi” knows when its going to happen again.

So, please com join us for a whole day of OS deployment, as you might know OS Deployment is something that means a lot for Johan and me (yes, we are strange, but in a nice way I think)

We will cover OS deployment from very, very small environment to very very large ones, we will cover Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Physical machines, Virtual Machines, some really nice tips and tricks and some really odd ones to :-)


And hey, you, don’t be afraid to step up and shale my hand and say that you read my blog, I always wanted to see if there is anyone that really do that. I might even have some kind of gift for you in return. :-)

One more thing, if you think that installing Windows using a DVD, watch this and think once more…



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