Why the name Deployment Bunny?

Well, i have just spent a week in Las Vegas on MMS 2011 and as always it is funny to meet community folks, speakers and friends and of course it is funny to do a couple of sessions. The name Deployment Bunny was “invented” by a really funny guy with the name of Jason Sandys (Microsoft MVP on ConfMgr) that I happens to know. We were hanging out where are the speakers are supposed to be in the end of the day and we had some beers. Then we started to free-wheeling new ideas on to present on stage, and bunch of crazy ideas where flying around and one of them was “Mike should go on stage in a pink fluffy bunny suite. Luckily I did not do that, but to honor my Jason I will at least change my blog and put in a small quite bunny.

/The Deployment Bunny aka Mike

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  1. I offered you to jump on stage with your bunny suit. It would have been perfect to distract the audience from the firealarms ;-) So, you know what we expect from you now for next year? :P

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