How-To: – Finding drivers for Dell and HP

When deploying Windows OS for clients you need drivers, and you can of course go to the vendors home page and find them and download them one by one, but that is kind time consuming, there are other methods

For Dell Inc.

Dell have made it simple for us, they have driver packs for basically every business model on there FTP site, just go here to download them

For HP.

They have just started doing this, so I’m not sure they have fixed them all “yet”, anyway here is one example

For HP you can also use HP SoftPaq Downloader, download install and select the models you have, then just click and download them. SoftPaq downloader is available here

Just remember this, “less is more” that means that you should always install drivers to make the Device Manager happy, but you should ONLY install driver you really need, here is a nasty example. The TPMchip driver in Windows works perfect, but for some HP models there is a HP version of that, so you of course think that driver is much better, well if you install that river Bit Locker does not work anymore, why? Well that drivers is modified so that it now require you to also install the HP Security toolkit… So, Less Is More, only install the drivers you really need and skip the rest..


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  1. The softpaq downloader is quite infuriating; You have spend lots of time reading the .cva files as it contains information that HP “forget” to tell you. Stuff like this SP is actually a newer version for an older model. They seem to “forget” after 2 generations of models.

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