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Just for fun: – The MDT team has a humor

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on May 22, 2011

There is a step in the Task Sequence that checks bios, but most people never check what really happens behind the scenes. Well it checks the BIOS, right. But my best guess is that you did not get this one! 

Verifying WYSIWYGComputers BIOS

I know many vendors, but I have never come across this one “WYSIWYGComputers”, I mean I heard about ACME but this one…

But here is the important takeaway, as long as they have fun, they will keep on creating great stuff.


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”Windows-1252″?>
<DATABASE xsi:schemaLocation=” Driver.xsd” xmlns=”” xmlns:dc=”; xmlns:xsi=”; MAX_HTMLHELPID=”110033″>
Insert your description here. This field will be written to the log if a match is found.
<DATA NAME=”Computer Manufacturer” VALUETYPE=”string” VALUE=” _COMPUTER_MFG_HERE_ “/>
The WYSIWYG Super Cool Computer 2007 has a bug in version 1.23 of the BIOS that prevents Windows Vista from installing.
Version 1.24 fixes the problem, please update the BIOS. Check
<DATA NAME=”Computer Manufacturer” VALUETYPE=”string” VALUE=”Wysiwyg Computers”/>
<DATA NAME=”Model” VALUETYPE=”string” VALUE=”WYSIWYG Super Cool Computer 2007″/>
<DATA NAME=”Date” VALUETYPE=”string” VALUE=”20060801000000.000000+000″/>

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