Just for fun: The difference between Me and Johan is…

As might have notice, I do a lot of things with my friend Johan Arwidmark (he also happens to be a fellow MVP) and there are many attendees at the different conferences that that claims that we so much alike. Well the professional side of both of us are pretty much the same, not always (we still fight over things just because we can).

But there are some serious differences. This should give you a hint… (Remember, Chaos is not always a bad thing, ok)

chaos and order

/mike aka the Deployment Bunny

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  1. You guys are like the two guys on the old American TV show called “The Odd Couple”. The show was about two roommates. One was a functional disaster. The other was perfectly orderly. Together they made for a funny team.

  2. Hi Mikael,

    two pictures came to my mind when I read the post.

    In one picture there is a long line of drivers, standing still and listening to Johans voice: “OK, guys. I am about to deploy a Windows 7 machine over there and will call out some driver names. The called drivers will come up to me and then move forward to the Windows machine. All others stand still in the line or will be shot. Let’s go.”

    In the second one Mikael says instead: ” Good morning drivers! We will have a deployment taking place today. When I say “Lets go” you all run over to the Windows 7 machine and the first ten drivers will be installed. I believe, that fate (in conjunction with some deviceIDs) will get the right drivers to the machine first and everything will run well. Let’s go.”

    Just kidding :) It’s all about managing (or the lack of) drivers during deployment.

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