Online Session – Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.0

So it is time to start working again. Smile

(Note, the session will be held using the Swedish language)

On the 31 of August 2011 I’m going to deliver a one hour session trough Microsoft TechNet on the topic of MAP. It will be a session on how to use it and that means 100% demo and no PowerPoint at all.

So, is MAP something for you then?

Well, it depends, if you are into any kind of change in your or your customers environment, the yes MAP is for you. This is the tool we all should use when starting up any kind of projects that has to do with migrating Windows client and server, Virtualization, Office, Azure, Browsers and other similar

if you already know what MAP is, you can download it from Microsoft directly and start using it, if you don’t. You might want to spend one hour on this session. It is of course free of charge. Just one small note, it will be in the Swedish language.

Link for the event is here:

Link for download and information of MAP is here:


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