Roadshow – Microsoft days (September 2011 in Sweden)

In September I’ll do a Roadshow here in Sweden (yes, the language will be Swedish)

It will be a full day of Windows Server, Client and management around these. It will also contain things like Windows Intune and System Center Suite. During the day we will cover things like Server Manager, Powershell, Active Directory, Hyper-V, Remote Desktop, File , Print , Failover Cluster, OpsMgr, ConfigMgr, WSUS, Event Viewer, WinRM/WinRS, Opalis, Virtual Machine Manger, Backup, Windows Intune and tools around all this.

During the day we will focus on how to build and manage a modern datacenter based on Microsoft Windows, how to make it easer day-by-day, how to save time and money and how to leverage things you already have but don’t know about. One thing that could be worth mentioning here is that this is more about educating customers then selling things. In other words it will not be a standard roadshow with sales people doing PowerPoint by death….

My best guess is that you don’t want to miss this…

(and since this a Microsoft the cost is…nothing)

If you want to attend or read more in detail, here are the links:

19 of September 2011 – Stockholm
20 of September 2011 – Gothenburg
21 September 2011 – Malmoe
22 September 2011 – Sundsvall


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