Nice to know: A simple branding kit for your Windows 7 deployment

Even if this is anything else but important, branding your OS could sometimes be needed for fun or for profit. The basic concept is to replace some of the images in Windows with your own corporate ones. This simple kit will change the logon UI, the background picture and it will add the OEM logo for the famous company ViaMonstra (The company that Johan Arwidmark and I use as a sample company when we write our books). Since everyone on this planet are using MDT to create your reference image you just import this as an application, modify the pictures and then add the application to the task sequence and create the reference image. Done!

The reason that I never posted this is that all the pictures are my customers, not mine. But then Johan Arwidmark started writing “Deployment Fundamentals Vol III”. That is about Deploying Windows 7 using SCCM (extended with MDT) we thought that branding would be fun to have in the book, and suddenly I was in the position to create graphics that we can use in the book. So now I have something to share, and here it is. The ViaMonstra Branding Kit!

This “Application” has three folders (and one VBScript) , LogonUI, OEMLogo and Wallpaper. In each of these folder you then have the pictures.

In the LogonUI folder you will find “BackgroundDefault.jpg” with a size of 800 x 600 pixels.


In the OEMLogo folder you will find “OEMLOGO.bmp” with a size of 305 x 301 pixels.


In the Wallpaper folder you will find “CorporateWallpaper.JPG” with a size of 960 x 720 pixels.


You will also see a vbscript that will put all the files in the correct location and also update the registry correctly


The VBScript is kind of simple,


it will create folders on the local machine, copy all the files to the correct location and update the registry for the local admin account. So if it updates the local admin account, how will that apply to all the users that logs on to the machine then?. Easy, we use the “CopyProfile” in the unattend.xml file when we deploy the image. Note, we do not use copyprofile while creating the image, only when we deploy the image.


You can download the kit from


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