Deployment Fundamentals VOL:1 – Free Online e-book!!!

Last night I was in a discussion with a friend and he was angry with me, he think its wrong to “give” knowledge away for free. I on the other hand have a different opinion. I started to think of how all this started many years ago, when IT was “new”, when we all where geeks, trying to figure things out and when we finally got anything to work, we used to run around and tell everyone that “–Hey, it works, it works, it works”

I believe in that, giving other people a bit more knowledge on how-to and maybe, just maybe you/he/she can go home with a smile and say “–Hey, it works.”

So, in that spirit, when Microsoft asked us if they could publish the most importent chapters of “Deployment Fundamentals Volume 1” as an e-book on Microsoft.com, we said, –Yes, Of course.

Today, 4 chapters of the book is online and its for you to read.


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  1. Micke is a great teacher first got to know him 1999 attending one of his classes (LOK lll) .
    And he still is a tremendous front end specialist. Thanks for you being you!

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