Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow–In Sweden

Windows 2012 Roadshow

Yes, it is true. The Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow is touching down in Sweden and guess who is running the show, well as you might have guessed it is me (of course)

So, if you would like to know more about Windows Server 2012 this could be something for you. The cost is none since it is sponsored by HP, Dell and for some reason Microsoft. I will be in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe “soon”

What will we cover?, well first of all we will run the demos on Windows Server 2012 RC (or later) and we will focus on Hyper-V, Storage, Network and Powershell (still working on trying to create as much script as can so I have some real useful scripts to show you)

I know the seats are limited so I’ll guess you should reserve a spot for your self as soon as possible.

You might like to now when, well. That is easy:

Malmoe 2012-06-18
Gothenburg 2012-06-19
Stockholm 2012-06-20


So, just go ahead, sign up here


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