Newsflash – Geek Week and 60 Minutes of OSD

Geek Week!

As some of you might know, Johan Arwidmark and I run a very special training called The Geek Week, for us it is the best thing we know and for our attendees it seems to be even better (when we read the evaluation from that training). So we have created a web site that describes what it really is, if OS Deployment, System Center, Client and Server Management is something you do and you would like to know it all, this is for you. Just go to read more.

60 Minutes of OSD with Johan and Mike

one other thing we have been doing is to give our fellow OSD friends around the globe a heads-up and what we think is important (and fun) around OSD, to make it easier to see the schedule, read show notes and such we have a new site for that too, check out


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