TechEd NA 2014 – Deploying and Managing Windows in the Real World (PRC06)

This Pre Conference is for all of you that knows how to deploy and manage Windows, or would like to know how…

What does it take for organizations to deploy and manage Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone? During this all-day seminar we walk through the entire process. We ensure that you understand what has changed in Windows 8.1, how you prepare for a Windows 8.1 migration, how to create your Windows 8.1 image, how to deploy Windows 8.1, and how to deploy Windows Store apps to the already-deployed computers using an enterprise app store. Regardless of whether you are new to Windows deployment and management, new to Windows 8.1, or an existing Windows 7 or Windows XP expert, there will be benefits for all attendees, from “how-to’s” to best practices to tips and tricks.

Join Michael Niehaus, Ben Hunter and Mikael Nystrom in this dazzling full day filled with demos, demos, knowledge and expertise!

Click here for more information PRC06 Deploying and Managing Windows in the Real World


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