Nice to Know – Reset WSUS settings after OSD in MDT

After deploying a OS in MDT there are some “leftovers”, this script will remove those settings which is very convenient when creating a ref image that uses another WSUS server and you would like to minimize issues. Just download it, unzip it, import as an application, like this.


Then add it as an application in the MDT Task Sequence, something like this.

Download :



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  1. Perfect! Just what I could use.

    Is there a definitive list somewhere of why a MSP should switch from using plain-ol’ WDS and start using MDT?

  2. Ha ! Thanks for this ! I was using a way more “quick and dirty” script. This one is way better.
    In addition, you could delete the SoftwareDistribution folder. I had some issues with computers not reporting when created from a heavily modified ref image.

  3. Your script doesn’t appear to remove the entry WUStatusServer, it’s not needed when WUServer is removed?

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