Nice to Know – Reset the WSUS update Count during OSD, allows automatic reinstallation of patches that failed

No, this is NOT something new, its just that it needs to be spread more…

In MDT 2010, there were some improvements to the ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script, the reason as to cut down time, they did and at the same time ZTI was not as reliable as it used to be. The issue is very simple, the task sequence remembers all patches that has been installed, so it will never ever re-install a patch and that is great, unless a patch needs to be reinstalled and it might need to…

Alexey (with help from Keith) did create a script in mars 2010 that resets the counter. You can find the blog post here The script you download from my site, does the same thing, the script is just slightly polished…

How to use it?

  • Download, Unzip and store the script in the Scripts folder of the MDT share
  • Modify the task Sequence:
  • Add a “Run Command Line” with the following command
    • cscript.exe "%SCRIPTROOT%\ZTIWindowsUpdateReset.wsf"

It should look something like this:



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