Deployment Fundamentals Vol. 5: Building a Real-World Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012 R2 using MDT 2013 and a massive amount of PowerShell partner in crime, Johan Arwidmark and I wrote a book a year ago and this morning when I woke up I realized that we never did any commercials for it and that felt wrong, so here it is.

The book was written because we believe that a lot of IT Pros sometimes have the need to build a basic infrastructure, fast, using scripts. That is what the book is about. If you follow the steps in the book you will run a massive amount of PowerShell and in the end you will have a Domain Controller, Fileserver, WSUS server, Print Server, Work folder Server, Certificate Authority and some more. Everything is built using PowerShell. The scripts are written in a way that should be able to tweak, modify and steal with pride.

You can order it online from Amazon here:

If you bring it to the next conference we attend to, we will sign it for you.


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