OS Deployment

OS Deployment – What’s inside my WIM?

I was working for a customer in the US last week (You know how you are) and they had a problem with OSD that is solved by the updated Kernel Driver Framework. So, I told them to create a new ref image that has all patches included, still did not work. So, let us open the WIM and see if the hotfix is included, it was not, since there was an issue with WSUS, fixed and cased closed. but…

I have tested the script against all kinds of WIM files and so far it works, the script it self has been tested on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 TP3

Creating a WIM Content Report

I did create a script that extracts the information from the WIM file at the customer site, but this version has been somewhat “polished”.

Download: http://1drv.ms/1bwlwXm

The Script.

What do I get?

Generic Info.

Drivers (Yes, even if you don’t add drivers, Microsoft Office will).

Enabled Features.

All the Packages.

All Appx Packages.


Import the Get-WimInfo.ps1 powershell script as a module:

Import-Module Get-WimInfo.ps1 -Force –Verbose

Use the Command like this:

New-WimReport -MountFolder C:\mount\ -WIMFile E:\WIMs\RW10X64-002.wim -Index 1


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