Deployment Fundamentals, Vol. 6: Deploying Windows 10 Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (and some PowerShell)

Yes, the book is finally done and it is up on Amazon. The book follows all the others by being a build-while-you-read book, it includes a complete set of PowerShell scripts that will build your entire lab environment (The script has been changed, so it will be easier to use them at customer sites or other test/lab environments if needed). The focus of the book is as you could guess by the title to deploy Windows 10 using MDT and LiteTouch. The versions we did use in the book are Windows 10 1511, MDT 2013 Update 2 and the new ADK. It has been hard work, late nights, but darn I still love writing books… You can find the book on as well as other sites. oh, btw, the book also includes a complete hydration kit that uses MDT and PowerShell to build your complete lab environment.


Happy reading and deploying


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    • Den kommer dels att finnas som en “LabCenter Expert Serie” bok, som du kan köpa direkt på LabCenter och den brukar dyka upp på adlibris och bokus rätt snart, kanske några dagar, en vecka, vet inte exakt hur det synkas, men alla våra andra bäcker finns där. Säg till om du inte får tag på den så fixar jag det på något sätt.

  1. Hello, I purchased this book from barns and noble online – and they lost the shipment twice :( Amazon has a 2 week restocking delay but I am hoping to have the book soon!

  2. Jag är lycklig ägare av ett ex, köpt på Adlibris.
    Julklappsböckerna har jag lagt åt sidan, boken är suverän!

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