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PowerShell is King – Generate an array of server names, with the same length and the same prefix

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on November 4, 2016

Basic Idea and Challenge

PowerShell is all about automation, and creating a loop in PowerShell that creates an array of numbers is easy, add a prefix to that and hey you have an array

1..10 | ForEach-Object {"LC-SRV-" + $_}    

The output.

The Magical -F

But, there is a small issue, the names of the server names that i need to be generated is kind of correct, but wrong, or “almost” great, I need the length to be the same. That can be fixed by using the magical –f.

1..10 | ForEach-Object {"LC-SRV-{0:D3}" -f $_}    

The Output.

The Function

So, now it looks the way I need it to be, and if you need to use it often, let’s create a function for it.

Function Create-VIAComputerName{    
$Servers = $($LowNumber..$HigNumber| ForEach-Object {"$ComputerPrefix{0:D3}" -f $_})   
Return $Servers    
Create-VIAComputerName -ComputerPrefix LC-SRV- -LowNumber 1 -HigNumber 64   


The Output.


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