Nice to Know – The hidden location for all HP servers drivers

The latest version of HP support pack was released recently, 2016.10.0 and we downloaded it to deploy it as usual, but Jorgen Brandelius at TrueSec could not resist the need of poking around on the media, and there is was, the hidden folder!!!

the magic folder.

What’s in the folder?

In the folder you will find the following structure, it is basically all drivers for Windows Server 2016 (and older supported OS as well) for all supported HP servers, it also includes agents for NANO server running on HP ProLiant.


What now?

Download, import and smile while you are deploying the HP server.



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  1. Hi, are there any HP driver or firmware components that *cannot* be applied using SCCM? I am trying to completely automate the HP SPP and firmware updates for our ProLiant boxes but I’m hitting barriers with our data centre team claiming some of it has to be done offline….

    • A few, “very” few. From time to time there is a firmware upgrade that needs to be done using a offline media. But that is only related to certain network adapters, and only needed when you are going from firmware really old to the latest. So, that means that you can safely deploy everything in two steps. First you deploy all the drivers and then you install the latest HP support pack, that can also be done in ConfigMgr/MDT

    • Just to give you some numbers, 99.999% can be installed silent/automatically using MDT/ConfigMgr, but every 100 years or so, there is a weird firmware update that needs to be patched offline….

      • Thanks Mikael. In terms of OS builds I am happy as any Offline steps are not that bigger deal. Once deployed I was intending on using SCCM to deliver the SPP (can’t use the SCUP version as we need to customise the SPP). Am I right in thinking the SPP includes *everything* needed for both driver and firmware updates? When using the SCUP route the software and firmware are supplied separately. Thanks again

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