Nice to Know – The Deployment Bunny is now on GitHub

I have been on GitHub for a while, but lately I have started to move everything I do to GitHub, for various reasons. One is that is easier for you to get the files directly, another is that I get source control. But there are many more reasons for this. There are many different repositories, the two main repositories are Functions and The Bunny Files and when I do demo script they will usually end up in the Demo Script folder.

The Bunny at GitHub.

Can I “Steal” your script?

Yes, you can, but it would be nice to get cred for the work, so include the link to the blog or to the GitHub repository. However, I don’t like to see my scripts ending up in PowerShell Gallery or the TechNet Gallery without asking me first…

How can I use the scripts directly from my scripts?

That is easy, you do something like this:

Invoke-WebRequest "" -OutFile ~/EnableNestedHyperV.ps1
Import-Module ~/EnableNestedHyperV.ps1
Enable-NestedHyperV -VMname TEST100

How will this affect the future?

This basically means that everything I do will end up at GitHub first and later most of this will then have a related blogpost, but not all, and not the same day.


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  1. Welcome aboard DepBunny – what took you so long?!

    GitHub is fantsatic – and way better than any solutions MS has proposed in this area – espeically as we tend to work more and more with Linux too…

    • Interesting thing, MS has a huge amount of code on GitHub, almost every team that works with scripts use GitHub as the foundation and sometimes it also ends up in the PowerShell Gallery. I know, should have been here years ago, sorry

  2. Hello, Mike!
    GitGub it is fine, but it’s Linux: end of line strings in source files come to the end with ‘\r’.
    Your downloaded scripts look ugly in Windows (notepad.exe, for example).
    There is a solution: add ‘autocrlf = false’ to ‘.git\config’ at your Git client configuration and re-publish scripts.

    Thanks for your scripts! :-)

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