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Nice to Know – New feature in Windows 10 Creators Update

One of the new features in the upcoming version of Windows 10 (Windows 10 – Creators Update) is the Windows Defender Security Center, as you might expect it is defender, but it also includes a nice little health check


In this case, there is something wrong, maybe we should take a look…


Seems that I have an issue with a device driver, hmm, need to fix that


Let us run that and see what is wrong…


Big surprise (not really), one of my virtual network adapters are turned off.

That should give you an idea what the new feature is all about, pretty nice, pretty cool.


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  1. We’re seeing a couple of issues with the security center in our environment, related to how it displays firewall status. If the windows firewall is disabled by GPO on domain networks, the security center shows an error, with a red X on the Firewall & Network Protection symbol. Clicking on Firewall & Network Protection brings up details, which shows the error as “Windows Firewall is using settings that may make your device unsafe”. Down lower under the “Domain (Workplace) network”, it actually shows a green check and “Firewall is on”, despite the firewall being disabled on domain networks. I’ve reported these issues through the feedback tool, so hopefully they’ll be addressed before v1703 gets to CBB.

    • The scenario “If the windows firewall is disabled by GPO on domain networks” should never exist, there is no reason to turn the firewall of, ever… But if it is it should never, ever give you a green check either… In this case, it is true, disable rules for domain network is not the same as disable the service, and that should never be done, in any case

  2. @Steve: we too have this issue, and with the RTM version — did you ever find a resolution for it? I suppose we can always change the GPO to enable firewalls on all the internal machines, but it seems odd that this would be the only supported (i.e. non-warning-producing) configuration.

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