Nice to Know – Learn PowerShell from Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center is great, it is actually fantastic to be honest. I have been working with it for a long time and in one of the latest releases the have added something really cool.

The ability to “borrow” PowerShell code that are being used by Windows Admin Center, the one symbol you are looking for is this:


a very tine, but very nice improvement. and if you select it, you will see this:


As you can see Windows Admin Center shows one function that you can copy and use, but if you use the dropdown list, hey, there is an entire list of nice functions to use as you can see


Not only that, each separate solution in each separate node has its own list (some are still empty), but, here you go, use it!

Download Windows Admin Center and start copy code (or use it as is) http://aka.ms/WACDownload


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