My sessions at Stockholm Tech Show

This year I have 3 sessions at the Stockholm Tech Show.

Manage, Monitor and Secure Windows Server using Azure Arc, Log Analytics and Defender

How do you make sure your hybrid Infrastructure is up to date, secure and keep tracks of security posture? This session will look at how we can leverage the cloud to secure on-premises, in more ways than one! Covering topics on Azure Arc, Azure AD, Conditional Access on servers(!) and more…

This session is with me and Viktor Hedberg

Tales from Incident Response – Do NOT DO THIS!

I work in the Cyber Security Incident Response Team, also known as CSIRT. I salvage / rescue / recover customers every day, doing this means I have seen things that no one should see, I have done things that you cannot even imagine was possible to do. In this session I will summarize what went wrong and what could have prevented it from becoming an incident. This is a session not to miss…

This session is with me and Viktor Hedberg

Stop giving your admin credentials to the bad guys

Let’s face it, if you are the admin, you have all they keys the bad guys wants. In this session you will learn how to protect your credentials, so that only YOU can use them. You will learn how to protect the control plane (AD/AAD) and use delegated permissions for everyone using a tiered access model, it is time to step up.

This session is with me

The event happens in STOCKHOLM / KISTAMÄSSAN / 3 – 4 MAJ 2023, you can get tickets here

Yes, the sessions will be demo intense, and yes, you will be able to apply what you learn in the sessions immediately after the session if you want.


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