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Nice to Know–Adding a second federated domain in ADFS fails if –SupportMultipleDomain was not used in the first place

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on February 7, 2015

Today as was trying to fix an issue regarding with ADFS and Office 365.

The Issue:

A very simple error, when you try to add the second domain it fails and in this case it was because the first federated domain was not setup using –SupportMultipleDomain

The solution:

After some digging and searching I found this post:

The issue was not exactly the same but close enough, a bit further down in the post it seems that he had the same issue as a while back.


Delete the object in the ADFS console

Open up the ADFS mmc snap-in


and delete it

Switch from Managed to Federated

Open the elevated PowerShell prompt with the Msol CMDLets, connect and authenticate and run this command to fix it:

Convert-MsolDomainToFederated -SupportMultipleDomain -DomainName

From this point on, you can now switch from Managed to Federated on all the other domains as well

Last thing you do is to run:

Get-MsolDomain to verify:



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Nice to know – Put Office365 Click To Run in the Ref Image using MDT 2013

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on December 8, 2013

A while ago I did a session regarding Office 365 and during that session I promised to publish the script and keeping promises is a good thing I have been told. Office 365 is basically a prepackaged app-v package on steroids and in many cases it is a smart thing to put it into the ref image, that way the user don’t need to download it, not that its very complicated, but not all users like the idea of start a brand new morning with installing a bunch of apps, just to be able to do something useful. So here is.

How does the script work?

First it will create a destination folder, next up it will copy the install files down to the local computer and that is very important, the install process will change after a while and when it change it also change the process that runs the installer, so to avoid all kinds of issues around permissions, it is easier to run it from the local drive.

How do I use it?

Well, I will assume you use MDT 201X and in that case, just create a folder called “Install – Office 365”, in that folder create the folder Source and in that folder download and store you copy of office 365 (You need to run a special download application – Office Deployment Tool) and also modify the XML file BEFORE you run setup to download, otherwise you will most likely download everything ELSE BUT Office365 click to run, check out the XML file config here

Here is a sample that I use when running demos:


You might notice that I store the log file in the OSDLogs folder and the reason is that it will then be copied amongs the other log files specified using SLShare in customsettings.ini

The last step is to create a standard application in MDT 201X and pointing to that folder, then you add the setup command:



Here is the download link to the script


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