Deployment Fundamentals, Vol. 2: Deploying Physical and Virtual Servers Using MDT 2010 and SCVMM 2008 R2


So finally, the new book is out. This book is about server deployment using MDT 20120 Update 1. In this book we show you how how to create ref images for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2003 and trust me, 2003 is not even close to be funny in this case. We also show you how to deploy them with real drivers and real applications. We have created plenty of task sequences so most of the different server roles are included. We also have something around SCVMM, it is basically an image in SCVMM, but then we use MDT 2010 as a task sequence engine to finalize the configuration. A very nice combo. Just a short note, even I you primary target is client, this book could give you some tips and tricks.
– If we have started the next book, Vol III?
– Yes, we have….

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    • Sorry, but you need too, we are not done yet, but we are working hard on that now. We are done with chapter 1-7 and will have a “lock-the-door-and-start-working-session” next week, wendsday to friday, hopefully we will be done with 2-4 chapters more…

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