Nice to know: ACT 5.6 does not process logs from W2K8R2 SP1/W7 SP1 until…

Well, it is easy to understand when you know why, but here is the short story.

In ACT we create an MSI file that we then run on clients to inventory applications and device drivers. When we install the MSI an agent runs and collect information which is then send to a file share. It will then be processed by the local ACT logging service and inserted into the DB. So, what is the problem then? Easy, the database does not have fields for the SP1 version of the OS…

The symptoms are:

1. All files are processed but ends up in the Failed folder

2. In the event viewer it gives you:

ACTUPLOAD: Microsoft.ApplicationExperience.Common.ObjectFramework.PersistenceException: Persistence_FlushSqlError —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "Logical_Machine_OS_ForeignKey". The conflict occurred in database "ACT01", table "dbo.OS", column ‘osID’.


3. Your blood pressure is way to high

The Solution is:



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  1. I was battling with this problem till i found a work around to edit the bkt/xml files and change the OS ID to something which is accepted by ACT 5.6.

    However, the solution mentioned is best.

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