Deployment Fundamentals Volume: III is out in the wild

Yes, it is true, so true. Deployment fundamentals Volume: III  is “the” book for those of you that uses SCCM 2007 and would like to have a nice OSD solution that integrates with Microsoft Deployment toolkit 2010, but the book can in many ways also work as guidance work SCCM 2007 with MDT2012 and even MDT2012 with SCCM2012. This is because there aren’t that many ways to deploy an operating system. But we (We, who is we?, Well, its Johan Arwidmark, Chris Nackers and me, Mikael Nystrom) also realized that there will be companies and organization that will keep on running SCCM 2007 for many years to come. The book covers ref images, drivers, task sequences, applications and all that needed information. You can get it from Amazon here. or you can read more about it here (as soon as Johan has added information)


Categories: Deployment, MDT, SCCM, Windows 7

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