Back to Basic – DomainOUlist.xml or not…

So, from time to time people ask me how to use the domainOUlist.xml file and to be honest I’m not sure you should. It is documented in the help file for MDT that you can either use the file or put the same information in customsettings.ini. So, you need to pick and choose here?

If you like the idea of putting this in customsettings.ini, this is how it should look like

In customsettings.ini add the following:


DomainOUs1=OU=Computers, OU=Tellers, OU=NYC, DC=WOODGROVEBANK, DC=Com
DomainOUs2=OU=Computers, OU=Managers, OU=NYC, DC=WOODGROVEBANK, DC=Com

Or if you prefer files, create a file called DomainOUList.xml and store that in the scripts folder that looks like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

Now, if you run the LiteTouch wizard, you will be presented with these two options to place the new machine. As long as you have set SkipDomainMembership=NO, otherwise you will not get prompted in the Wizard.



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