Using Runbooks as part of a Task Sequence–Part 2

have you ever consider using Twitter as a notification channel? I know, it sounds crazy, but I can be used in some scenarios (not only for OSD)


You need a notification channel that is easy to access and have a low cost.


Basically we create a System Center Orchestrator Runbook that sends a tweet in the end of the task sequence. There is a list of items you need to make this happen. First you need a Twitter account, I suggest you get a dedicated one and that you “protect” it so you can control the followers. Next you need the Social Media integration pack (download from and install it on your Orchestrator server) and last you need a Runbook that you can execute in the end of the task sequence.

The Connection to Twitter:

Create a twitter account and run the tool that is included in the integration pack to gain access to Twitter


In Orchestrator, configure a connection:


The Runbook:

Create a runbook that has 2 items, initialize data and tweet that uses you connection.image

The TaskSequence:

Add your runbook in the end of the tasksequence


The Result:

Enjoy the power of the “cloud” :-)



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