Nice to Know: How to change from Evaluation to the real stuff in Windows Server 2012 R2

Yes it is possible to perform with no strange tools at all. Before you start you need to have your product key (either a MAK or a KMS client key)


  • Start an elevated command or powershell prompt.
  • Execute “slmgr /dlv” to get information on the current status.


  • Execute “dism /online /get-currentedition” to get the current edition, it should be an Evaledition



  • Restart the server (it will reboot twice)
  • Done


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    • Hello Paul, this method help you with the licence? even after 180 days? I did it but now I have a message: Activate Windows (without the days left counter)

  1. Thank you so much! This is so helpful! We needed to get the servers upgraded, and unfortunately had to wait a few weeks to purchase the licenses, so we installed the eval… Unfortunately, that lead to some issues with adding the license keys.

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