OS Deployment – Out Of Band install of Windows Server 2012 R2 Using MDT,WDS and PowerShell (Part 1–Getting the Hardware info)

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Out of Band or Bare Metal installation requires information regarding the hardware, that is no surprise. We need to to be able to define settings that can be retried from the hardware. In many/most client deployment scenarios I see people using the MAC Address or, Serial Number but I use the GUID number. When it comes to server they don’t really have one NIC and when it comes to Hyper-V that MAC address will be more or less removed since the machine in most cases is turning the NICs into switches and then virtual NICs will be on top of that, so GUID number is better. All “normal” brands have that, at least with new server hardware. In this case I’m deploying HP Servers and they have iLO which is basically an other name for IPMI. In the case of iLO it is rather easy to access that information, you don’t even need to be authenticated, all the information we need is there (

By reading the XML data in turn it into an object it is rather easy to use the data in PowerShell.

Below you can see the part we use to grab that data.



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  1. In my lab I have several computers without iLO/IPMI. Can you still do Bare Metal installation for lab purposes with SCVMM, just that you need to press F12 to PXE boot and it will do fine after that? Or is iLO/IPMU *really* required to do Bare Metal installation using VMM at all?

  2. I got a bunch of simple machines in the lab without IPMI/iLO and want to do Bare metal installation of them using SCVMM. Will it be possible only that I of course need to manually press F12 to PXE boot them? Or do you *really* need iLO/IPMI to do Bare metal installation at all?

      • Nope, They dont need IPMI/Ilo, you can manually poweron and press F12, however you need to modify the script, since it is trying to to all that for you.

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