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Nice to Know – Software based KVM will let you use the tablet as a second screen

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on January 18, 2014

As a traveling consultant I spend hours and hours on hotel rooms (right now in Oslo, Norway) which means I really need to find smart ways to make day-by-day life easier. Since I’m spending “some” time wiring books, articles and other things I use a 1302 from GECHIC which is an USB powered extra screen, very light, very thin, very NICE:


But I also have a bunch of Laptops and I can use them as compute power using RDP, no problem, but what I really want is to be able to use them as an extra computer screen, with the computer power. That way I can run applications on each computer but I ‘will control them all using one laptop (The KVM Server). So on my main computer I have the lab environment, on my extra screen I have the word running and on the extra computer I can then run Outlook, Spotify and all those applications. I can do copy and paste of text between these machines, very slick, very nice.

In this case I work on my Laptop on the left side, have my 1302 screen in the middle and then I have my Surface Pro on the right side, the mouse can now be moved between all three screens


The application I use is called Synergy and you can download it from

EDIT: There is an other application that could be used, it is the “Mouse Without Borders” application from Microsoft Garage Series.

2 Responses to “Nice to Know – Software based KVM will let you use the tablet as a second screen”

  1. Tibi said

    MSR has a similar program called Mouse Without Borders!

  2. Janne E said

    Synergy works fine but that be a bit troublesome to set up. There is also a Microsoft Product that does the same thing: I find it easier to use, but that me ;)

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