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Just for fun–Converting a Laptop to a Tablet

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on July 12, 2016

very long time ago I did a teaser for a event, it was a joke on how to convert a Laptop computer into a Tablet PC. It turns out that for some reason a lot of people are searching for that video on my blog (I have no idea why), but here it is.

Understand that this “might” render the functionality of the computer… In other words, don’t do this…


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Nice to Know – Software based KVM will let you use the tablet as a second screen

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on January 18, 2014

As a traveling consultant I spend hours and hours on hotel rooms (right now in Oslo, Norway) which means I really need to find smart ways to make day-by-day life easier. Since I’m spending “some” time wiring books, articles and other things I use a 1302 from GECHIC which is an USB powered extra screen, very light, very thin, very NICE:


But I also have a bunch of Laptops and I can use them as compute power using RDP, no problem, but what I really want is to be able to use them as an extra computer screen, with the computer power. That way I can run applications on each computer but I ‘will control them all using one laptop (The KVM Server). So on my main computer I have the lab environment, on my extra screen I have the word running and on the extra computer I can then run Outlook, Spotify and all those applications. I can do copy and paste of text between these machines, very slick, very nice.

In this case I work on my Laptop on the left side, have my 1302 screen in the middle and then I have my Surface Pro on the right side, the mouse can now be moved between all three screens


The application I use is called Synergy and you can download it from

EDIT: There is an other application that could be used, it is the “Mouse Without Borders” application from Microsoft Garage Series.

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