Nice to Know – What does my home lab looks like?

I often get the question

– What kind of stuff do you have to runt labs, tests and play with?

I have a understanding wife and a very generous CEO, so here it is…

In my back pack:

1 x HP Studio G3 with 32 GB ram and 2 x 1TB NVME drives

1 x Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Surface works as my “office” machine, it also runs Insider Preview (fast) and the HP Studio is my LAB/Demo/Dev machine. It runs Windows Server 2016 and contains about 100-150 VM’s

At Home:


I have one full rack and one half rack, the half rack contains 6 HP Micro Server Gen 8, used as test/dev machines, the full rack runs 2 HP ML 350 Gen 8, they run Azure Stack as well Azure Pack in a full Fabric based on HCI and the entire System Center stack

The Case:

I also have a Pelican Case (Yellow) that runs a bunch of Intel NUC’s devices

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