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Nice to Know–A simple and small SMTP Mailserver för Dev/Lab/Test (SMTP4DEV)

In the field, at hotel rooms, in VM environments, Demo setups and many other situations your are in the situation that something needs to be able to send an email and installing an Exchange Server at that time might be very wrong. So I have been using a really nice SMTP server that basically accepts anything, with any kind of settings and that has the ability to present all these mails in a single view. Extremely “handy” to have. Download it from

I use it to test OSD scripts, Orchestrator runbook jobs and things like that.


Snapshot of the UI

there are others to, but this one seems to be stable and fairly simple to use. Don’t forget to make sure that port 25 is open.


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  1. I did a comparison of the captured WIM for a Windows 8.1 update 1 build patched from WSUS in an MDT TS.

    I ran 3 cases.
    1. No cleanup script – 10.8 GB
    2. DISM only – 9.82 GB
    3. The full cleanup script 10.2 GB

    What I found was the full cleanup script produced a larger WIM file than . I am going to try and see why.

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