TechEd EU 2014 – WIN-B314

During the session I did demo some scripts and here they are:

Script to configure the Build LAB Deployment share:

Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\bin\MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit.psd1"
New-PSDrive -Name "DS001" -PSProvider MDTProvider -Root "E:\MDTBuildLab"

#Set permisions correct
net share E:\MDTBuildLab '/grant:EVERYONE,change'
icacls E:\MDTBuildLab\Captures /grant '"MDT_BA":(OI)(CI)(M)'
icacls E:\MDTBuildLab\Logs /grant '"MDT_BA":(OI)(CI)(M)'

#Create the folder structure
new-item -path "DS001:\Applications" -enable "True" -Name "Install" -Comments "" -ItemType "folder" -Verbose
new-item -path "DS001:\Applications" -enable "True" -Name "Action" -Comments "" -ItemType "folder" -Verbose
new-item -path "DS001:\Operating Systems" -enable "True" -Name "Windows 8.1 x64" -Comments "" -ItemType "folder" -Verbose
new-item -path "DS001:\Task Sequences" -enable "True" -Name "Ref" -Comments "" -ItemType "folder" -Verbose

#Import the OS
import-mdtoperatingsystem ´
-path "DS001:\Operating Systems\Windows 8.1 x64" ´
-SourcePath "G:\Raw\Windows 8.1 x64" ´
-DestinationFolder "W81X64-001" ´

#Create the Task Sequence
import-mdttasksequence ´
-path "DS001:\Task Sequences\Ref" ´
-Name "Ref Windows 8.1 x64 Enterprise" ´
-Template "Client.xml" -Comments "" ´
-ID "RW81X64" -Version "1.0" ´
-OperatingSystemPath "DS001:\Operating Systems\Windows 8.1 x64\Windows 8.1 Enterprise in W81X64-001 install.wim" ´
-FullName "ViaMonstra" ´
-OrgName "ViaMonstra" ´
-HomePage "about:blank" ´

Set-ItemProperty -Path DS001: -Name Boot.x86.LiteTouchWIMDescription -Value 'MDT Build Lab x86'
Set-ItemProperty -Path DS001: -Name Boot.x86.LiteTouchISOName -Value 'MDT Build Lab x86.iso'
Set-ItemProperty -Path DS001: -Name Boot.x64.LiteTouchWIMDescription -Value 'MDT Build Lab x64'
Set-ItemProperty -Path DS001: -Name Boot.x64.LiteTouchISOName -Value 'MDT Build Lab x64.iso'
Set-ItemProperty -Path DS001: -Name SupportX86 -Value 'False'

Script to bulk import applications

Wrapper for C++

Script to download all C++

Sample Custom Settings.ini


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