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Back to Basic – CustomSettings.ini – Converting Desktop and Laptop computer types into Roles

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on May 22, 2015

So, someone asked me(you know who you are) if it is possible to convert something like a computer types into a role, and yes that is possible and some times a pretty smart thing to do. If you have basically to kind of roles in your org and they are based on the fact that the computer is a Laptop (like a field engineer) or a Desktop (like a standard office user), well then it should work.

Converting Computer types into Roles:

In the Priorityline we have ByDesktop,ByLaptop,Role and Default

We use [ByDesktop] to return a value of yes/no and we store that in IsDesktop-Yes if it is a desktop and then we send it to a section with the name of IsDesktop-Yes. In the section [IsDesktop-True] we assign it the Property Role001 to ComputerIsDesktop. Now we can create a role in customsettings.ini, or we could create a Role in the MDTdatabase if you would like that instead and then assign all settings to that. In this case we will create a Role section called [ComputerIsDesktop] and in that role we will define all settings for that role, in this case it will be an application and then we repeat that story for a laptop.

Sample CustomSettings.ini file

Output from testing the customsettings.ini file and as you can see it has been assigned the role correctly and since it is a laptop it will get the laptop app.

You can download the sample ini files here:

The UserAlias Userexit script is here:

Instructions on how to test customsettings.ini is here:

One Response to “Back to Basic – CustomSettings.ini – Converting Desktop and Laptop computer types into Roles”

  1. jjbembry said

    Nystrom always comes through! Great post!!! Whoever asked you to this question must be a genius…

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