Back to Basic – CustomSettings.ini – Converting Desktop and Laptop computer types into Roles

So, someone asked me(you know who you are) if it is possible to convert something like a computer types into a role, and yes that is possible and some times a pretty smart thing to do. If you have basically to kind of roles in your org and they are based on the fact that the computer is a Laptop (like a field engineer) or a Desktop (like a standard office user), well then it should work.

Converting Computer types into Roles:

In the Priorityline we have ByDesktop,ByLaptop,Role and Default

We use [ByDesktop] to return a value of yes/no and we store that in IsDesktop-Yes if it is a desktop and then we send it to a section with the name of IsDesktop-Yes. In the section [IsDesktop-True] we assign it the Property Role001 to ComputerIsDesktop. Now we can create a role in customsettings.ini, or we could create a Role in the MDTdatabase if you would like that instead and then assign all settings to that. In this case we will create a Role section called [ComputerIsDesktop] and in that role we will define all settings for that role, in this case it will be an application and then we repeat that story for a laptop.

Sample CustomSettings.ini file

Output from testing the customsettings.ini file and as you can see it has been assigned the role correctly and since it is a laptop it will get the laptop app.

You can download the sample ini files here:

The UserAlias Userexit script is here:

Instructions on how to test customsettings.ini is here:

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  1. Nystrom always comes through! Great post!!! Whoever asked you to this question must be a genius…

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